Time Travel Tours

Remember some of those Bible stories? Familiar with Jewish history? Time Travel Tours puts it all into context! Each day we will explore a different time period going in chronological order!! This is an experience unique to Avi Abrams Israel Tours! Walk in the footsteps of Abraham and King David as we explore the locations where the Biblical stories took place. By exploring the layout of the land with a Bible in our hand, the story of the Jewish people will come alive!

The first component explores Jewish history from the time of Abraham (3700 years ago) until the destruction of the Second Temple (2000 years ago):

  • Day 1: The Story of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs:
    Beersheba and Hebron
  • Day 2: Exodus from Egypt:
    Following the route of the Israelites in the desert, Kadesh Barnea, Mitzpe Ramon, hiking the Negev, and Bedouin tents
  • Day 3: Conquering the Land (from Joshua to David):
    Jordan river, Shilo (site of the Tabernacle), Givat Sha’ul (Saul’s headquarters), and Tel Azeka (confrontation between David and Goliath)
  • Day 4: Jerusalem in the First Temple period:
    Haas Promenade, City of David, Broad Wall, Ariel Center, David’s Tomb, Bible Hill
  • Day 5: Jerusalem in the Second Temple period:
    Davidson Center, Southern Wall, Western Wall Tunnels, Herodian Mansions, Temple Institute, and the Burnt House
  • Day 6: The Great Revolt:
    Qumran, Masada, and Shabbat at the Western Wall

The second component explores Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Temple until modern times:

  • Day 1: Jewish Life in the Roman/Byzantine Period:
    Beit She’arim (tomb of Judah the Prince), Tzipori (ancient synagogue with colorful mosaics), Tiberias, Kfar Nahum ancient synagogue, Meron ancient synagogue, and tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
  • Day 2: The Middle Ages:
    Ruins of an Arab royal palace, Jacob’s Ford Crusader Site, Nimrod Fortress near Mt. Hermon, Mamluks, Ottomans and mystical synagogues in Tzfat
  • Day 3: Zionism:
    Rosh Pina and Zichron Yaakov (early Zionist communities), Shalom Tower in Tel Aviv (foundation of the first Hebrew city), and the Old port
  • Day 4: World Jewry and the Holocaust:
    Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem
  • Day 5: Establishing the State of Israel:
    Independence Hall, Burma Road, Castel battle site, Knesset (Israeli Parliament), and Ammunition Hill (Six Day War Multimedia Simulation)
  • Day 6: Israel Today:
    Tour modern communities in Jerusalem, Mahaneh Yehuda (the Jewish marketplace), Shabbat at the Western Wall